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iPhone Test

Up close shot of a dirty keyboard…

News Links

Apparently the ios software doesn’t support new links…. so…

The Oatmeal

I love his site. He has some really great comics. One of his most recent ones “State of the web” is very well done.

Legen – wait for it – dary

This word press software is pretty slick. I’m about to add a “post to facebook” plugin, with minimal effort. I’m also going to add a YouTube page, and develop some links on the side.

Ignore these first few posts, as I’m just getting used to this software. It’s also to get some posts going, so I can evaluate themes.

I need a logo….

iPad Test

This is a test of the emergency broadcast…. iPad service. Or whatever. Testing out the iPad/word press software. It’s pretty slick, now I just need to sync it to Dropbox, and load pictures from rss feeds.

Well I found the pictures upload, this needs Dropbox integration. Not all of my pictures are stored on here..

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Random Stuff

The usual stuff from blog sites.