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News Links

Apparently the ios software doesn’t support new links…. so…

The Oatmeal

I love his site. He has some really great comics. One of his most recent ones “State of the web” is very well done.

Legen – wait for it – dary

This word press software is pretty slick. I’m about to add a “post to facebook” plugin, with minimal effort. I’m also going to add a YouTube page, and develop some links on the side.

Ignore these first few posts, as I’m just getting used to this software. It’s also to get some posts going, so I can evaluate themes.

I need a logo….

iPad Test

This is a test of the emergency broadcast…. iPad service. Or whatever. Testing out the iPad/word press software. It’s pretty slick, now I just need to sync it to Dropbox, and load pictures from rss feeds.

Well I found the pictures upload, this needs Dropbox integration. Not all of my pictures are stored on here..

Hello WordPress!

Welcome to the new I’ll be working on themes and the site development as time allows. Thanks for stopping by.

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The usual stuff from blog sites.