So that happened

Our third child is almost 10 months old. Just finally updated dns host info a couple days ago. I should do more with this site, but wow. I’m not a blogger. or whatever they call themselves these days. vlogger, wot er m8.

So out of date…

But that’s what happens when you have kids. Luke is almost 2, and we are expecting our second in another month. I’m going to try and update this more often…. right. Some day, maybe. I have nothing else for now. Just updating the site plugins and what not.

Getting closer now…

We have just hit the 37 week barrier in the pregnancy. So in the next couple of weeks, there should pictures, and diapers flying around. I think we’re as ready as we are going to be…

I have my new video camera all charged up, so my YouTube channel should be filling up in no time. I still need to straighten out my picasa, but it doesn’t get enough traffic anyways (like this site in general).

It’s also Mother’s day. So happy mothers day to all you mothers out there.

March Madness

My brackets are toast. Louisville and Michigan state hosed me.

Good news though, the Illini kicked some ass, but could be short lived. Kansas is going to be the biggest game any of the players have seen. Those big ass Morris brothers are going to be a hard matchup for our finesse centers.

And Pitt just had to go and stick a fork in my bracket. Way to go big east….

iPhone Test

Up close shot of a dirty keyboard…

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